Jewellery Packaging

we supply high quality jewellry boxes at lowest possible prices. Hundreds of different beautiful styles to choose from for women, men and kids.Those series are made of cardboard, the handwork is very fine.They can be used to hold necklace, ring, earring,watches and so on. We can also make the boxes as per customers' requirements.Please feel free to contact us.

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Jewelry needs custom packaging. For example,a watch, a bangle, or a set of earrings would require two different types of inserts. Custom inserts, which are a type of organizer, are a great way to secure your items stylishly.

Jewelry packaging is a key component of your semi-precious product's overall design.

Not only must it assure the consumer of the quality and value of what's inside it, but it has to protect the product inside from damage during shipping. It also must often provide safety and cleaning tips, instructions and even styling suggestions, with these printed on outer layers or inserts.

Minimalist jewelry packaging

Reusable and sustainable jewelry packaging

Luxury jewelry packaging

Most iconic jewelry packaging

Novelty jewelry packaging

Your jewelry is unique, so package it up in something that showcases that uniqueness. Whether it's a super-luxe textured ring box or a colorful cloth sachet the buyer will keep for years, the right packaging for your product does more than keep it safe on store shelves-it acts as a key brand asset that buyers can't wait to open up.

OEM orders and customize items are Welcome!


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